Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Favorite Webcomics

Okay, I'm too tired tonight to think of a good rant. Unless it's against excesses of homework.
I spent 7 or 8 hours last night working on an Organic Chem II take home test. Thankfully that's done.

So, instead of ranting I'm gonna do a post on my favorite web-comics And maybe a quick liner about why I like said comic.

First and foremost. Schlock Mercenary Written by a gent by the name of Howard Taylor this strip has been around since June of 2000. The author now draws this strip full time so there's rarely a day that he doesn't update. The story line takes place in the far future. It is chock full of mercenarys out for the bottom line. Big guns and the grunts who carry them.

Another would be Sluggy Freelance. This author isn't full time but gets a comic up most every day anyhow. On-line since August of 1997 this is a long running strip. Big guns, demons, ghosts, vampires and robotic chicks. Then of course the fuzzy cute talking animals.... AHAHH!! No... No... Bun-Bun I WASN'T talking about you.. ugh.. give me a second to pick pieces of me up.. Bun-Bun is the killer lop rabbit of the story. Fear the Rabbit.

I also enjoy GPF. General Protection Fault. It's been around since 1998; interesting storyline and twists and turns. Terminator rip-offs. It's a geek thing.

Well, I've got a ton of homework left so I'll have to call it quits for the night now. Watch this space for more rants once I get some sleep


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victoria said...

lol, i don't know, i think i enjoyed the break from the ranting...but get rested up soon!