Monday, February 14, 2005

Probably the worst day in the world.

Today, "St. Valentines Day" has got to be one of the worst days of the year. Like it's not bad enough during the rest of the year seeing couples together. Then they have to go have a day that celebrates the fact that they got lucky and us singles haven't yet.

So.. Here's my propsition. (hehe.)
Have a day where instead of leaving the single people out the couples (or at least just one of them) takes a friend or group of friends who are single out.

Either that or parents of the world need to loosen up their grip on their kids or have more daughters instead of sons.

Asking girls out is a new realm for me after being so brainwashed in the whole "can't even make eye-contact with a female" way that IBLP has. I was so brainwashed in that idea that I even attempted to once participate in their "proper" way to ask a girl out.

This basically consisted of saying nothing to the young lady at all tell I'd so bottled up the emotions that had no simple outlet that I couldn't help but ask her dad if I could "court" her in an attempt to marry her. d'oh. THAT was a bad move.. Being so engrained in "their" mindset though that it took 3 years of wondering "what I did wrong" before I realized that the only thing wrong that I did was to not just ask her out and get to know her better before becoming actually serious about any kind of relationship.

So.. 3+ years later, learning that I need to get over my deeply engrained brainwashing that was IBLP I started just hunting around for a nice girl to ask out..

Know what? I think that they are all taken.
Here's my thoughts on the idea.

"Girls are like parking spots.
All the good ones are taken, or are in a different lot.
All the ones that are left are way out there of handycapped."

So... Here I go facing another Valentines day with no close female friend (I actually have female friends now which is a major step) to treat nicely and show off to other singles.. :-P

Boy.. This was a rambling pointless post. But I had to rant about something. I needed the break from application essays.



Victoria said...

yeah, Valentine's Day is no good. I like your proposition though...and as odd as it sounds, the parking lot quote cracks me up, i totally agree.

joy said...

I disagree. Some of us are neither single or handicapped; we are just busy as everything, don't get asked out by many nice guys, and won't waste time on the un-nice guys.

So, if you're a nice guy, keep asking 'em out and by the simple law of odds, you will find a nice, single girl.

Seabhag said...

I agree, which is why I use the "or are in a different lot" line. All the nice girls I've encountered so far seem to be taken. So that only leaves the "different lot" or a place in the world where I am not currently at.

As it is.. I know that parents think I'm a nice guy. Their daughters though are already "taken" so that doesn't help me any.