Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Okay, so.. "again" I'm watching my classical myth lectures. I have a test in it tonight so I'm watching and re-watching it to make sure that I do good in it.

When talking about the Delphic Oracle of Apollo in Delphi the prof made an interesting comment.
"As you are leaving the Delphic... if you drove to the Delphic Oracle of Apollo. To consult the Oracle, see the sights, bask in the Bellybutton of the Universe. And were they to slap a bumper sticker on your car as you drove out. Or your chariot, or your horse. It would say one of these things. "Curb thy spirit" "Observe thy limit" "Hate Hubris" "Keep a reverent Tongue" "Fear Authority" "Do not glory in Strength" "Bow down before the Divine" "Keep woman under rule" "

Appearently these are all pieces of grafiti that have been found in the ruins of Delphi.
But more importantly. You could almost sware that you were reading bumper stickers that had been slapped on the back of vans leaving the ATI Conference in Knoxville (or wherever they hold it now). That last line especially. "Keep Woman under Rule".. That sounds like a LOT of modern ultra-neo-conservative groups. Now, I don't consider myself liberal.. But these groups IBLP and one which I can't remember the name but is run by a guy named uh.. Doug Philips I think. These groups seem to me to be more out to promote a patriarchial society based on the suppression of women then to actually promate anything spiritually beneficial.

Food for Thought

**Edit: 2/18/07:   I'd have to modify this a bit, and say that I now consider myself fairly liberal as compared to how I used to think.

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