Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sucky Day

Okay, today officially sucked.

My knee started acting up yesterday morning. Long story, basically I fall into a catagory of something like "Hypermobility." This basically means that my ligiments and tendons are really... loose. It's caused carpel tunnel in my wrists, and makes it where my kneecaps "float" around and start getting inflamed. This however was worse then just an inflamed kneecap. One moment it was fine.. The next I could barely put any weight on it. So, I limped around the rest of the day. This morning? Still couldn't put much weight on it. So, I wrap one of the knee braces I have around it and set out to goto school. On the way to my car I feel a nail start to pierce the bottom of my right shoe.. Problem, the nail in a board, that has another nail sticking up farther down, this eliminates any sort of throwing myself into a roll to avoid puncturing my foot. I also cannot put enough weight onto my left leg to shift my balance quick enough. So.. YOUCH.. The nail punctured my shoe, and went into the bottom of my right foot. So, I go back inside (making myself late for class) and take off my boot and sock and clean the wound and put a band-aid on it so that I can at least just get to class. So now I'm really limping.. puncture wound in one foot, some sort of weakness in the knee of the other leg..

So, that was pretty crappy... Then it almost got worse.. I'm in my Organic Chem II lab.. I've got this conconction sitting on a hot plate cooking away. On the hot plate I have a 5mL vial and that's hooked up to a "refluxer" The refluxer has two ports that you attach a water-in line and a water-out line to. Cold water is circulated through the refluxer allowing a solution to be heated to above it's boiling point without loss of solution. (The cooler refluxing tower causes the vapor to recondense and flow back into the vial). Pretty cool stuff.. So I've been watching this thing cook for about 35 minutes or so.. And my phone rings.. It's my dad so I pick it up and walk out into the hall. This mixture is supposed to cook for another 25 minutes or so and the temp is really stable so "no worries." I wasn't in the hall for more then 45 seconds when someone in the lab yells "JOHN your experiment blew up!!!" I hung up with my dad and raced into the lab to see what'd happened.. Thankfully, my lab hadn't blow up.. Instead the water in hose had decided that it didn't want to put the water into the refluxer anymore, and instead wanted to allow it to dribble (at a high rate of flow) all over the electric hot-plate, top of the vial with my solution, etc.. So, got that cleaned up and was able to get a different hose and continute the process. It would have really sucked to have had to start over on the experiment.... Especially since I finished the lab with 25 minutes to spare. (get it? I wouldn't have had enough time to actually FINISH the lab if I'd had to start over)

Okay... I've got an Organic Chem II test at 9AM.. so I've GOT to get back to studying for it.



Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm sorry Dave.

Newscientist reports about a contraption named "HAL" or "hybrid assistive limb". A sort of electro-mechanical suit designed to give the wearer extra strength. Promoted in said article as a possible way to give the elderly a method of transportation or mobility. I think it would be.. ironic, and the universe seems to enjoy irony, if said suits suddently decided that they didn't want to work any more. Or allow their wearers to enter certain locals. Equipping them with voice boxes so that they might be able to more readily quote to their wearers. "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that"

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of technology used in really cool creative ways. But, sheesh people. Pick a better name then "HAL" for your suit.

Oh well.. I'm probably grumpy cause I had to goto the dentist today and get three cavities filled on the left side.. I wanted to kill the dentist at one point.. But he was a really nice guy and tried to make me as comfortable as he could. Seems my body likes to "reject" normal numbing mecications. He had to "reapply" some lidocaine during the 30 minutes or so he was drilling the cavity out cause the numbness was already wearing off. Reapplication is done via a big-a$$ needle that they jab into your mouth.. No thanks. And yet.. I made an appointment to get the OTHER side done in 3 weeks. (seems I have one more cavity over there). I'm an idiot.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

music, music all around

... And nothing to listen to.

I have my entire CD collection ripped to *.mp3 or *.ogg files. As well as a portion of my folks (set up to allow them to get it over the network so that they don't distroy any more disks). 27.7 GB of music/audio books.. (I also like really high quality so I usually rip at VBR/High Quality). If you said 1 min = very roughly 2 megabytes (less I know but rounding up). Then I've got about 96 HOURS of music/audio books on my computer (audio books are closer to 30 minutes per 5 MB so that skews the whole equation but we'll keep the 96 hour number right now.

So... I went through the ENTIRE "*:\music\*" directory to find SOMETHING to listen to that was new. However, I figured out why I can't do any more memorization for chemistry class... It's all filled up with music.. I couldn't remember anything in my 96 hours of music that I could listen to and think was.... "fresh"

I admit it.. I am an... super geek.. And with no money that 96 hours worth of music isn't looking to expand anytime soon much to my dismay.. A person can only listen to a song so many times over before it gets really... boring..

Okay.. I found a few things.. maybe.. an hours worth or so.. lets see how much of it "feels" new enough to stand listening to..



Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Da Bleedin' Days

Okay.. So a couple weeks ago I woke up with what I thought was a toothache.. Then since it moved on to hitting multiple teeth I figured it was a sinus infection. Then it seemed to settle in one tooth.. So I went to the dentist. I normally NEVER take anything stronger then an ibuprofren but I was hurting so bad that I dug around my mom's medicine chest where she keeps any left-over meds.. I found a Darvocet. This is 300mg of Codine along with like 325mg of aspirin or something. I took that and it "helped" for a few hours.. long enough I could actually get some sleep. Dentist took lots (4-5) of x-rays and said that he couldn't find any cavities or splits in the tooth that might cause the pain but that my sinuses looked kinda inflamed. So he gave me a script for cephalexin (Keflex) and I started taking that. So I took that for like.. a week or so.. And I thought everything was clearing up. Meantime I'd "passed" (through my nasel cavity) a chunk of.... "something." What it was I'm still not sure but after it was gone my sinuses seemed to be much better, and I thought I was on the road to recovery.. Then last Saturday.. I realized that if I blew my nose.. I got blood.. Just plain blood.. No muscus.. Just blood.. Then I realized that I kept doing this thing with my throat like I had something stuck back there.. when I spit it out I realized that my sinuses must be bleeding or something as I had blood draining down the back of my throat as well.

So.. Monday afternoon I "finally" went to the doctors.. Turns out I also had a fever (which I almost never do so I didn't even check) and he said he thought it was just a sinus infection turned really bad so he gave me a more specific antibiotic.. It seems to be helping as I'm not getting as much blood showing up.. But it was DEFINATLY a very WEIRD experience...

Anyways... I'm going back to Organic Chem II homework that's due in the AM.. Lata