Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Da Bleedin' Days

Okay.. So a couple weeks ago I woke up with what I thought was a toothache.. Then since it moved on to hitting multiple teeth I figured it was a sinus infection. Then it seemed to settle in one tooth.. So I went to the dentist. I normally NEVER take anything stronger then an ibuprofren but I was hurting so bad that I dug around my mom's medicine chest where she keeps any left-over meds.. I found a Darvocet. This is 300mg of Codine along with like 325mg of aspirin or something. I took that and it "helped" for a few hours.. long enough I could actually get some sleep. Dentist took lots (4-5) of x-rays and said that he couldn't find any cavities or splits in the tooth that might cause the pain but that my sinuses looked kinda inflamed. So he gave me a script for cephalexin (Keflex) and I started taking that. So I took that for like.. a week or so.. And I thought everything was clearing up. Meantime I'd "passed" (through my nasel cavity) a chunk of.... "something." What it was I'm still not sure but after it was gone my sinuses seemed to be much better, and I thought I was on the road to recovery.. Then last Saturday.. I realized that if I blew my nose.. I got blood.. Just plain blood.. No muscus.. Just blood.. Then I realized that I kept doing this thing with my throat like I had something stuck back there.. when I spit it out I realized that my sinuses must be bleeding or something as I had blood draining down the back of my throat as well.

So.. Monday afternoon I "finally" went to the doctors.. Turns out I also had a fever (which I almost never do so I didn't even check) and he said he thought it was just a sinus infection turned really bad so he gave me a more specific antibiotic.. It seems to be helping as I'm not getting as much blood showing up.. But it was DEFINATLY a very WEIRD experience...

Anyways... I'm going back to Organic Chem II homework that's due in the AM.. Lata


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James said...

Yeah, that's pretty gross. I hope it doesn't happen again. Maybe you're over it.