Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm sorry Dave.

Newscientist reports about a contraption named "HAL" or "hybrid assistive limb". A sort of electro-mechanical suit designed to give the wearer extra strength. Promoted in said article as a possible way to give the elderly a method of transportation or mobility. I think it would be.. ironic, and the universe seems to enjoy irony, if said suits suddently decided that they didn't want to work any more. Or allow their wearers to enter certain locals. Equipping them with voice boxes so that they might be able to more readily quote to their wearers. "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that"

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of technology used in really cool creative ways. But, sheesh people. Pick a better name then "HAL" for your suit.

Oh well.. I'm probably grumpy cause I had to goto the dentist today and get three cavities filled on the left side.. I wanted to kill the dentist at one point.. But he was a really nice guy and tried to make me as comfortable as he could. Seems my body likes to "reject" normal numbing mecications. He had to "reapply" some lidocaine during the 30 minutes or so he was drilling the cavity out cause the numbness was already wearing off. Reapplication is done via a big-a$$ needle that they jab into your mouth.. No thanks. And yet.. I made an appointment to get the OTHER side done in 3 weeks. (seems I have one more cavity over there). I'm an idiot.



tia said...

those needles are freak'n scary!!!!!!!!!!! my dentist always made me close my eyes...but i still knew what he was doing....
oh well, hope they get better soon!

J4ym3z0r said...

Yeah, that's why you should brush brush brush! lol Anyways, yeah, HAL isn't something that I would want to wear either.