Wednesday, April 13, 2005

music, music all around

... And nothing to listen to.

I have my entire CD collection ripped to *.mp3 or *.ogg files. As well as a portion of my folks (set up to allow them to get it over the network so that they don't distroy any more disks). 27.7 GB of music/audio books.. (I also like really high quality so I usually rip at VBR/High Quality). If you said 1 min = very roughly 2 megabytes (less I know but rounding up). Then I've got about 96 HOURS of music/audio books on my computer (audio books are closer to 30 minutes per 5 MB so that skews the whole equation but we'll keep the 96 hour number right now.

So... I went through the ENTIRE "*:\music\*" directory to find SOMETHING to listen to that was new. However, I figured out why I can't do any more memorization for chemistry class... It's all filled up with music.. I couldn't remember anything in my 96 hours of music that I could listen to and think was.... "fresh"

I admit it.. I am an... super geek.. And with no money that 96 hours worth of music isn't looking to expand anytime soon much to my dismay.. A person can only listen to a song so many times over before it gets really... boring..

Okay.. I found a few things.. maybe.. an hours worth or so.. lets see how much of it "feels" new enough to stand listening to..