Sunday, June 05, 2005

Posting Again

This will be brief as I'm headed out to church to run lights for the services.

So, I finished Organic Chem II with a C. Not the B or even A that I wanted. But, I DID pass the class and am able to move on. Other classmates have said the next few classes will be like going back to college algebra after getting through Calc II. So it "should" be easier.

I've been working for my dad some earning money to take a trip up to Chicago to visit old friends. I'll leave for that next Sunday morning.. (Kwann if you read this before then, call me I wanna see if I am able to stop by and say hi either on my way up or my way back.)

I've also applied to a local printshop for a job in their bindery; I'm not sure if that job will work out as they only have one shift and most of my classes are during that shift. I do, however, I have the name of another printshop in town that might be hiring, and they run more then one shift. We'll see how that goes. I want out of the pharmacy and back into a job I know/like.

Speaking of the pharmacy. Yesterday was insanely busy. Between 8:30-10:30 we filled over 100 scripts. Between 8:30-3:00 we filled 220-230 scripts... Notice when almost half of them had been filled by? Then don't forget to take into account that the Medicaid computers were down till like 11:30 so that any scripts called in that needed to be run through Medicaid couldn't be filled till after 11:30. I would say that we got 70% of the calls for the day by 11:00AM. And it was hot; that made the people coming in really mean... Either that or it was the fact that they all came in at once (very rarely did only a single person enter the store... usually it was 3-6 at a time), but the customers were VERY mean/angry yesterday.. Great way to make the day go faster.

Finally, I've been spending quite a bit of time playing World of Warcraft... I played it in Beta... I knew I'd like it.. But, due to how much you can end up playing I realized it would be best to not even think of picking it up till AFTER school was out.. And boy was I right.... :-)

I'll post more later..


(And I'll have to find out if my family has the picture they took when they said I looked like a person from the 70's.....)

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