Sunday, March 12, 2006


Here sit I
In my own
That precious thing
Daily resembles
The liver of

Daily renewed
Daily plucked
From my soul
By Urd
Daily shredded
By Skuld

The Moirae
Mock me
Daily I attempt
To scale Bifrost
And daily
It shatters

I long to meet
One who
Will keep
My hope
From the wrath
Of the Furies

To feel
Her breath
Soft and Warm
As if from
The Fields of Elysian

To go from
Hel's dreary realm
Safely across
The Rainbow Bridge.

I haven't finished this, but it's all that I feel like working on right now. For some definitions see the following.

The Rainbow Bridge -- Aka Bifrost, depending upon the sourse, either a rainbow colored bridge, or a bridge in the three primary colors. Also depending upon the source, will either shatter at the end of time, or when a mortal tries to step foot on it. (in the sources saying it will shatter at the end of time, it is too steep for a mortal to traverse).

Moirae -- Aka The Fates, or the Furies.. Three crones in Greek mythology who determined the fates, and/or deaths of both mortals and gods

Prometheus/Prometheus' Liver -- For deciving the Greek gods Prometheus was chained to a mountain/rock and an eagle/vulture came every day and plucked out his liver to eat, and each day his liver regrew.

Urd/Skuld -- Two of the three Norns in Nordic mythology. Seem to be counterparts of the Fates/Furies.. Urd was sometimes known as "Fate" and Skuld was sometimes known as "being."

Gehenna -- "Place of Torment" in the Judeo-Christian religions it is sometimes used to refer to Hell.

Hel -- Nordic goddess of the dead. She rules those who don't die in battle. Her realms are usually considered to be gray, and cold. She herself is black on one side of her body, and white on the other. Her hair is also 1/2black, 1/2 white however, it is usually depicted as being opposite the sides that the colors are on her body.

Elysian Fields -- In Greek Mythology lands to the north of peace and eternal summer. Those chosen by the gods are sent here to live in peace.. The winds here are soft and warm.