Thursday, May 18, 2006


Behind marble walls I sit
Cold stone beneith me
Mirroring my heart
Frozen tears
Running down stone
Heart or marble
I cannot tell

Towering Spires
Piercing the sun
And moon
My heart feels
Their pain
I am pierced through

Wounded once
I built walls
The walls built themselves
von Newman's Children
The Halls Keep
Their Prisoner

Now through
Crystal Marble Walls
I see
Others in castles
Their Castles
With Doors
Wide Open

I Long
In Part
To Follow
Their example
But Then
I See Again
The Words
Like a Rune-Carved Knife
That Pierced
My Heart

And I Remember
Why I Started
The Walls.
To Shield
My Heart
From Another
Runic Blade

Will the Norns
Ever Fate
One to Come
And Melt the Walls
And Free Me
From the Frozen
Walls of Stone
And Tears?

** As an aside Jon von Newman is or was considered the father of the concept of self-replicating machines, aka von Newman's Children. He was also involved with the origins of modern computing, game theory and other seemingly diverse concepts.

** For who, or what the Norns are see the definitions in my previous post. Though this was written before that one I just found it again and decided to post it.

** As for what a Runic Blade, or a Rune-Carved Knife are. It's a sort of bone tossed to modern fantasy, and some much older trains of thought. In modern fantasy a weapon (bladed or otherwise) can sometimes be carved with runes to give it mystical power. Sometimes, it is the ability to cut through armor like a hot knife through warm butter, other times it can, like the Nuzgul blades in The Lord of the Rings, attempt to poison the victim and potentially change who or what they are. The concept of runes is more of a Norse based idea then from other classical myths. Their very written language was 'runes' and these could be cast to attempt to devine the future from the Norns. At some point these came to be used for talismans for protection for the wearer. Eventually, I think under modern fantasy influance especially Tolkien, these runic carvings for protection changed from being a piece of wearable jewelry to part of an offensive weapon.