Thursday, July 06, 2006

What else is happening in life

Well, yeah it's been a while since I really did a content update here. Prose doesn't count as serious content, or at least as content that tells what is actually happening recently.

I finished my junior year of my biochemistry degree without too much hassel. For my English 2 Technical Writing course I wrote a paper on "Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Ethics." My English instructor gave me a 95% and said that it was "well organized and easy to follow". Blew my parent's minds. Mom keeps remembering when she had a hard time getting me to write one sentence let alone an eight page paper that she didn't have to correct.

Like my little side-bar says, I've been accepted into the accelerated master's program at Missouri State University. I'm working this summer on a research assistantship. The professor who's my research advisor for this is the same one who sponsored me for admission into the master's program. The work I'm doing this summer will end up contributing to my thesis. Which currently looks like it will be over detection methods for detecting chemical warfare agent simulants (since the real stuff is too dangerous to have in the lab). Probably using GM/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) methods, though we'll probably do some SEM (scanning electron microscope) to round out our work. As/if anything gets published I'll post the article title, and journal of publication so that I can crow about it.

This fall I'll be taking 3 classes, Physical Chemistry I, Biochemistry I, and Intro to Genetics. I'll also be teaching, probably General Chemistry Lab, or something like that. The really nifty thing is that I'll be getting paid, and fee wavers for some of my classes so that I'll be making more in single semester than I did the entire year last year. And I'll be making that every semester it looks like at least till the end of the 2007-2008 school year. I'll have to figure out how to pay for my last semester of school (for my masters) but other then that its going good.
Oh yeah... I'll get to use red ink to grade papers with.... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! ::coughs:: okay.. I'm better now.

I'll try to keep more up to date with this if I can.

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