Monday, February 18, 2008

Cleaning House

So, I've gone through my old posts. I've changed a lot over the last year and a half or so and decided I wanted my blog to reflect who I am, and some of what I've changed from. However, I didn't want the anger, and fustration of old to be how people saw me. I've got all the posts saved for reference if need be. But, I like the new me a lot more.

Do I get fustrated with people?  Sure, all the time.  Do I still dislike stupidity a lot?  Heck yeah.   Do I foam at the mouth like I used to about stuff.  I sure hope not.

I went from internally questioning my faith for years without realizing what I was doing; to finally realizing it and learning how to ask questions about ever other assumption that I'd made.   

This has changed me.  I hope, and think, for the better.  Maybe it is the fact that time has aged me slightly as well.   Along the way I've read some books, thought (for me) deep thoughts, read deeper thoughts.  Learned to get along with my family (even with extreme philosophical/religious differences), and learned to laugh, smile and enjoy life each day.   

I've been reading "Thus Spake Zarathustra" (it's a nice break from Chemistry of Environmental Systems II, and research), recently.  It's complex, fasinating; and interesting to see Nietzsche's influence on modern thought.

I'll post some of the sections that I thought were most fasinating and what I think was so fasinating about them in a later post.   

Meanwhile, I've finished my undergrad degree.  Right now I'm working on my Master's instead of trying to go straight to PhD school.  Reasons are mainly that I have low enough self-esteem that I don't think I could get into PhD school without extra help.  This help I plan on getting in the way of a M.S. in Chemistry with a thesis, research (and hopefully), my name on a few more papers.    
I figure this will help overcome my appearant lack of skill when it comes to organic chemistry.   

Speaking of which.   I mentioned once apon an aeon that I'd post here if I ever got published (or at least contributed to a paper which was published).

So here goes.  The first paper I get to have my name on.

Penumetcha, Sai S.; Kona, Ravikanth; Hardin, Jonathan L.; Molder, Andrew L.; Steinle, Eric D. "Monitoring Transport Across Modified Nanoporous Alumina Membranes" Sensors, 2007, 7, 2942-2952.  

You can read it here.   It's probably only interesting reading to boring people like me.  But, exciting non-the-less.

**Edit** Arg!!!!  For some reason Blogger is seeing either just not wanting to do normal word-wrap editing, or it's seeing Opera weirdly.   But on my screen at least I have several lines which run WAY over their normal length and others which run WAY under.   I apologize for this.  The previous editor has been sacked in the off chance it was his fault.

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